"Zero intervention in the landscape and expansion of renewables. That doesn't work!"

Watch our research partner Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen's interview following the referendum against the "Mantelerlass", which sets a new target of 35 TWh/year of new renewable electricity by 2035 in Switzerland.

Key takeaways:

- Around 60% of Switzerland's energy is already renewable and produced by hydropower.

- The yes to the "Energy Strategy 2050" in 2017 is a yes to generating the remaining 40% of energy production with "new" renewable energies, specifically solar, hydro and wind power.

- In general, almost all Swiss citizens are in favour of the energy transition, i.e. away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies, but we face nature and landscape conservation issues for renewable energy projects.

- Our political system gives even very small groups great veto power. The referendum was brought about by a small group, although a large majority was in favour.

- According to various model calculations, it is possible to say "I want almost no wind" or "I want almost no alpine solar systems", but it is not possible to reject everything.


>> Interview << (https://www.plattformj.ch/artikel/216937/)

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