Project Lead

Prof. Michael Lehning
EPFL & CLIMACT, Co-Coordinator (EPFL is the formal host institution)

Prof. Evelina Trutnevyte
UNIGE, Co-Coordinator

Research partners

Regina Betz
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Claudia Binder
Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems, CLIMACT
Christof Bucher
Bern University of Applied Sciences, Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems
Vanessa Burg
Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape, Sustainable Forestry
Gabriela Hug
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Power System Laboratory
Annelen Kahl
Spin-off SUNWELL
Oliver Kröcher
Paul Scherrer Institute, Bioenergy and Catalysis Laboratory
Michael Lehning
Jürg Rohrer
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Renewable Energy
Giovanni Sansavini
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Risk and Reliability Engineering
Tobias Schmidt
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Energy and Technology Policy Group
Philipp Schütz
University of Lucerne, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology
Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen
University of Bern, Institute of Political Science, Chair of Comparative Politics
Bjarne Steffen
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Climate Finance and Policy
Philippe Thalmann
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
Peter Toggweiler
Basler & Hofmann AG
Evelina Trutnevyte
Université de Genève, Renewable Energy Systems
Hannes Weigt
University of Basel
Rolf Wüstenhagen
University of St. Gallen, Institute for Economy and the Environment

Cooperation partners

Support partners

Advisory Board