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Updates on EDGE P&D project in Wittenbach (WP5)

Our Research Partner Prof. Jürg Rohrer from ZHAW is moving forward with EDGE P&D project in the Swiss midlands (WP 5).

Find the full article in the St. Galler Tagblatt -> full article here [in German]

And listen to the broadcast from radio SRF -> broadcast here [in German]

Our second Newsletter is out !

Welcome to our second SWEET-EDGE quarterly newsletter accessible here. It is a pleasure to keep you updated about our latest news, events, guests and to share articles and ideas with you. All newsletters are now available in three languages: English, German and French. Please choose your preferred language here.

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Updates on communications

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Agro-PV system to grow lamb's lettuce

Our Research Partner Jürg Rohrer from ZHAW has initiated a project using agro-pv plants to grow a specific type of salad: lamb's lettuce.
Agro-photovoltaics, or Agri-PV, knows a recent but very dynamic development in Europe. It follows the idea that food and energy security should not be viewed as competing goals, but that solar development and agriculture should be integrated for mutual benefits.
The First Swiss Symposium on agro-photovoltaics will be held on July 14, 2022  in Wädenswil.

Welcome our new partners in economics

We are proud to announce the arrival of two new EDGE partners in economics.

Our first partner is Regina Betz, Head of Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE) @ZHAW, working in collaboration with Hannes Weigt from @UniBasel_en.

Our second new partner is Philippe Thalmann, Professor of Economics and Director of the laboratory for environmental and urban economics
Welcome all !


Our first Youtube Interview is out!

For this first interview video, we were delighted to welcome Annelen Kahl, Co-founder of SUNWELL. Her work focuses on PV production in snow-covered mountains. SUNWELL’s vision is to establish alpine solar energy as a prominent part of the renewable energy landscape. To realize SUNWELL's vision, the team is developing a comprehensive, robust and scalable software platform that combines all the design, planning and operation of alpine solar farms into one tool. SUNWELL's motto: "Best designs faster, and at the lowest cost". Learn more about Annelen Kahl and SUNWELL from our Youtube video.

Video Accessible Here

Our first Newsletter is out !

Welcome to our first SWEET-EDGE quarterly newsletter accessible here. It is a pleasure to keep you updated about our latest news, events, guests and to share articles and ideas with you. Please note that while this first newsletter is in English, the upcoming ones will be available in three languages: English, German and French. Please choose your preferred language here.


Meet our Advisory Board Members !

We are proud to introduce our Advisory Board Members. The Advisory Board will assist and facilitate the decisions made by the Consortium.

It is made of six experts in the field of climate change from various institutions:

Kornelis Blok, Marius Haibel, Julie Lundquist, Gianni Operto, Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Gabriele Spilker.

Find the full list of our partners in the Team section of our website.

Good news for the Swiss Alps

The International Mountain Conference of September 2022 IMC2022 aims at gaining insights into initiatives towards climate neutrality in mountains around the world, including in the swiss alps and addressing mountain-specific energy transitions.

"Climate change severely affects mountain regions. The need to develop territorial policies to mitigate climate change, including through energy transitions, is especially relevant given that climate governance is still state-centered and suffers from an “implementation deficit”. Since the inclusion of the Paris Agreement conditions in national political agendas, their implementation at the local level has encountered several obstacles. In mountain areas, bottom-up systematic transition processes that rest upon innovative participative and territorial models of governance can enable and enhance buy-in and cooperation. Mountain regions face a range of energy-pathway choices in the context of accelerated climate change, Nationally Determined Contributions for emissions, and mountain communities’ own development aspirations.  This session aims to gain insights into initiatives towards climate neutrality in various mountain regions around the world, discuss key challenges of policy implementation and address mountain-specific energy transitions (solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower, biomass, biochar and other forms of renewable carbon)"

Visit their website for more information.

We are online!

The new website for SWEET EDGE is now online, offering detailed information on the SWEET EDGE goals, the background and the 11 work packages. Also read about the unique concept of the three regions, a specific focus of the project. Research partners, cooperation partners, support partners and the advisory board are all listed.

The website was developed in cooperation with Palmiro Nigro from Digital Art Zurich. Contact us on if you have any questions.

kick-off meeting

On 26 October 2021 the consortium of Sweet Edge met for an in-person and online kick-off meeting at EPFL in Lausanne. More than 40 consortium members from research, industry and administration discused progres in the work packages and further collaboration among tasks.